Zoo2Zoo 2011 Ride

OK, just finishing packing so thought I’d take one last  opportunity to get you to consider to donate to my fundraiser for the Black Dog Institute. Full details are on this other post but the actual donation page is at: http://sh.ortenzi.com/z2z. I just had a look and we are a few k short of $100,000. Which is eye-wateringly amazing, if you ask me.

The maps of the ride are below, just so you can get a feel for the ride we’ll be on, and I hope to have enough energy during the rest stops to twitter a bit at twitter.com/wheelyweb.

Day one: 165km, 1617m overall elevation gain

Day two: Mount Victoria to Molong, 181km, 1200m overall gain

Day three: 118km, mostly downhill, thank f**k!

I guess it’s an understatement I’m looking forward to day three?

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