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Abandoned foundations

In the past few months I have been noticing pairs of shoes left in the outdoors, snug, together, as if in the closet or by the door. They all look wearable and usable, but alone and apparently un-claimed. Here’s a pair from yesterday.

This pair was at Bondi Beach, a short walk from the beach, near the showers. A warm winter day with some people still swimming and playing in the surf. No-one anywhere near them, which was odd as there were many people who would have considered taking them for themselves in the area.

But it’s not the first time.

it’s the 7th pair I have noticed in two months.

Here’s the pair that started it off, found in the Domain, across the roads from the Art Gallery of NSW.

Sitting tidily at the side of the park, as if their wearer came from the road, slid them off and ran into the grassy park, never to need shoes again. SO between late April and yesterday I have 6 pairs to show you, listed here, in order. Each one must have a story of its’ own, a narrative that digs deep into someone else’s life. These shoes tell more than any Manolo Blahnik could.