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Birthday bumper edition

Was walking through East NEWTOWN with Mrs W when this crate of perfectly usable footwear appeared in front of a small reserve park.
As she was taking me to lunch I felt it rude to stop to post this missive so saved the pic for a later date.
So here it is ; post-dated to the date of discovery, my birthday.


Looks like at least three pairs in there, maybe 5?

Strange fruit

Nothing posted for months and now two in one week. Deluge!

I wanted to post about the strange fruit I noticed in the park across the road from me, on my way back from the grocers something glinty caught my eye.

Strange fruit dangling from a fig tree

Can you see what it is yet? let me get closer:

something glinty dangling from the fig tree in Camperdown Rest Park, Newtown

I know you know what it is, let me zoom in a bit….

Strange friuit indeed

Someone got busy after the pubs shut! I love these guerrilla artists!