Inclusive design presentation, now on TV

I’ve been told my presentation at last July’s WordCamp Sydney 2012 has finally made it to WordPress TV. Even though I don’t really like the sound of my voice or my annoying ticks and gestures, I thought it would be a good companion to the page of Inclusive Design resources I posted at the time.

A friend told me that it is now listed as a “Popular Video” on the front page of WP TV, so I thought I’d take advantage of the SEO love while I can. I apologise for the video being Flash and not HTML5, but if you visit the site you can also download the H264 version from the site.

I plan to add the text descriptions and transcript as soon as I can. Apologies in advance for not thinking that was important. 🙁

Please be kind in your comments. I know I have room for improvement, and constructive comments are welcome. Yes, I will be umming a lot less next time. For convenience, I have also re-embeded the slide share slides in the hopes  you can run the two of them together.

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