get me outta here!

I just booked a romantic holiday for two, on a remote island in Fiji, where there’s no electricity, the food is local and the beach is all ours, literally.  There is only one Bura (we call ’em huts round here!) and one dining space and  the nearest village is a hike around the island. The sunsets will be for us alone, and the stars will be our evening light.

Before you can say “where do you plug your laptop in?” I just realised that without the internet, my laptop is pretty useless to me. I use the computer to be connected to the world and the other people in it. I barely do anything that isn’t online anymore….. So a resort that doesn’t even have a telephone, never mind the internet is some how even more secluded than the concept of being on the other side of the world where there aren’t even roads.

And no, I’m not telling you where it is just yet, as we want to keep it to ourselves for just a bit longer.

But the webby thing about it was that we found it by watching an online video on a travel site on a completely random search, and discovered something we couldn’t have from one of the usual text-based searches. We found it wilfing!

C’mon sweetheart we’re goin’ skinny dippin’!


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