First long training ride

Yesterday I joined a group from Lilyfield Bike Garage on a cycle up into Berowra, If you’re really interested, I created a Google map of the route we took, roughly. The reason being I needed to see what my fitness level was for the ride coming up on the 14th


All I can say is “whew”!

There was a great group of people with a few very impressive bikes. There were people here who rode a lot and rode far. I was intimidated already. I wheeled in with my humble Cell bike, yanked out an apple, and introduced myself to a few people.


We set off and I was doing fine till we hit the first major hill In Ryde and I lost the pack. I was so despondent!

But then I though that people with bipolar disorder can’t walk away, they can’t just turn around and leave their challenge. People with serious mental disorders are often left with the feeling there are no options. So I popped open my phone, checked my map and the very vague route details supplied and decided, yep, I can do this. It may take me all day but I can do this.

I have to say it was very tough going. Some hills I was on the lowest gear and guys who looked no fitter than me passed me on the hill back up bobbin head, where I had to pause twice, but I persevered.

It was very hairy getting back as I chose the dumbest route back through Hunters Hill to Drummoyne and lost a good half hour working my way through that. Now I know where bikes can’t go.

But I did it and lived, and the only thing sore is my right hip joint (maybe need to tweak my shoe settings?) and my stressed out lungs. Those 20 years smoking (and 10 years non-) must have something to do with it.

So the training routine from now has to be cranked up a couple of notches, for certain. A 100k ride every weekend and some serious leg work at the gym during the week to build up some strength.

I’ll keep you posted.

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