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X marks the spot

I don’t get many opportunities to start a post with the letter x.

On my way after a morning appointment in Glebe. Across from the Glebe Town Hall someone left their runners on a bench but kept the laces.


It feels a bit spy thriller, like a “drop” location. I was hoping for a cryptic note, or USB drive with secret plans on it.
Maybe I’ve been watching too much “Homelands” and “The Americans”. There was just an abandoned sock and, as usual, usable shoes.

Toronto Shoes

My first guest donation to the Abandoned Shoes Project © from someone other than me.
Thanks to Stephanie from Pistachio for her donation of this snazzy pair of trainers from near her home in Dovercourt/Bloor area of Toronto.

Looks like the Tin Man or some robot exploded nearby with those bars and springs…

Anyone else noticing perfectly usable discarded footwear near them?


Another pair, found a week later, on Dewson Street. I guess with summer coming they don’t need their boots?

a pair of boots in Dewson Street


A pair of pairs

Bonus time again in the abandoned shoes found in the street department.
Yesterday I found a pair of these mock crocs out in front of the Newtown Community Centre. For some reason, left atop a bin, near the market area. They looked in great shape, even if they’re crap shoes.

But much stranger were this other pair, left right outside my door. Not only am I noticing these shoe-leave-behinds, but I think they’re following me.

There they were, right at my front door, waiting for me. Sadly, not my size. Funky orange striping though, bet they’d make good cycling shoes.

Meals for the romantically challenged

A few weeks ago someone asked me for my puttanesca recipe.

Today I found this pic from a mailing list and somehow the two go together quite nicely.

I still prefer my recipe.