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To this day, a beautiful video

I usually don’t share in this way but this video is so beautiful, passionate and inspiring I felt the need to share it here:

Please take 7 and a half minutes out of your day to fill your heart with this passionate film.

Thank you Shane Koyczan for this breathtaking film.

Trailer from the film Breath, by Philip Clemo

A friend of mine in London, the musician and filmmaker, Philip Clemo, is completing a film, based, in part, on some gorgeous filming from a helicopter with a state of the art camera system. The trailer is below, for your perusal and enjoyment. You can see more examples of his film work, as well as sample and purchase his music from his site at:

More pairs in the street

Bopping along this morning, I decided that Femi Kuti is great marching-to-work-at-a-nice-pace music. So intent on the music, I almost failed to notice there’s a great pair of shoes against a bright yellow wall. Used Instagram to dilute the intense colours a bit. This is all part of the abandoned shoes project.

Hope you like.

Some things of great beauty take time

Thanks to @stachio for the link to this post by: neilio

Some quick things often take time to appreciate.

A different, beautiful experience

I’m off to UX Australia tonight, packing clothes for the cool Melbourne spring and noticing I have an unhealthy amount of cables and connectors. bringing paper along as well as there is nothing better than a sketch book & pens at times. You just can’t doodle with a laptop and I am holding out on an iPad till there is a camera in it and the ISPs will let me share my account between two devices.

Anyway, talking about Lo-Fi, while checking my facebook this morning, there was perfect case of synchronicity, with this Video of the Perseid meteor shower, recorded at Joshua Tree.

A perfect calming foil before the intense and exciting conference. Remember to stop and smell the flowers.

See you there.