Boots and slippers

As I was wandering the lanes and back-streets from a great afternoon at the White Rabbit Gallery in Chippendale, I decided to stay in the lanes to see if I could recognise the backs of the houses I knew well from passing them so often from the front.

After stopping to consider if seven potted pansies left in a row behind a back gate were intended for public consumption, I spotted these fine boots.

Contrary to my usual practice of leaving these discovered footwear pairs undisturbed, I slightly rearranged these so you could see that they were infact, intact and not damaged in any way.

The story of these must be interesting, so near the gardener who so generously offered up a string of plants for people to take. Maybe she felt extra generous and started to put out some of her superfluous wardrobe for general consumption.

Having snapped that pair, slightly pleased that the week has not passed without a footwear find, I continued on, enjoying the laneways and architectural oddities of the back of Wilson St.

It was then another pleasant moment to see this mad collection of footwear, telling it’s own story of loss, adventure and missed solace!

This pair of slippers, plus a practical boot and a single flashy heel almost could be lined up to a narrative of it’s own, which I hope you will attempt to supply in the comment area below.

Happy writing!

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