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Sydney Laksa lover, cyclist, cat patter.

Swap seats

When I lived in Toronto, this was the time of year I’d take out my Red Star high tops, which were a cheap but very serviceable Converse knock-off.

 I can imagine them sitting down here to put their new pair on, then forgetting their trusted previous foundations.

Working barefoot

Found this pair off King Street this weekend, where it looks like a gardener decided he was better off barefoot.  And didn’t come back. 

Birthday bumper edition

Was walking through East NEWTOWN with Mrs W when this crate of perfectly usable footwear appeared in front of a small reserve park.
As she was taking me to lunch I felt it rude to stop to post this missive so saved the pic for a later date.
So here it is ; post-dated to the date of discovery, my birthday.


Looks like at least three pairs in there, maybe 5?